A letter from Steve Bogen at Care-Finders.org:

"My niece judged the report very useful and said 'there is information in here I didn't know, plus seeing it summarized in an integrated fashion like this gives me a better idea of how to take care of my Dad.'"

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icareinsite™ is dedicated to helping the millions of Americans whose loved ones are being cared for by others.

You can now monitor the care process efficiently and conveniently online with our easy to understand icare reports and our Family Conex secure video and audio technology. If you are worried about the care your aging parents are receiving in an independent living facility, assisted living facility, skilled nursing facility or by a homecare agency, our mission is to help you take care of those who once took care of you.

If you have a child, spouse or loved one in a long term care environment, our mission is to provide the next best thing to being there.

Senior Care Management Solutions

We understand the worry and stress related to having a loved one in a managed care setting. Our unique services can keep you current with the care that is being provided - even if your loved one is hundreds of miles away. This can help lessen your worries and result in you feeling more comfortable.

You will receive regular communications that will describe the care that is being provided. This helps you better understand any elder care advice and recommendations from attending nurses and doctors. In simple terms, our services will keep you informed, in touch, and provide peace of mind regarding the care your loved one is receiving.

Elder Care Advice & More

Getting started is easy. To set things in motion we need you to provide some basic information that will allow us to obtain the medical record of your loved one.

Our nurses will analyze the medical record information and create an easy-to-understand report for you. The included summary is a concise rundown that describes pain levels, appetite, and the overall well being of your loved one. With our premium service, Family Conex, you will have access to video and audio of your loved one, taken by a nurse at their facility.

Even if you are separated from your loved one by long distances, our simple to understand, caring for aging parent services will ensure you know what is going on. Our icare Reports and Family Conex offer priceless information.

Caring for Aging Parents Using icare Reports

Receiving regular information is the best way to stay on top of how your aging parent or other loved one is doing. This really is the next best thing to being there!

You will know what elder care products are in use, as well as information about reported pain levels and more. This is truly the best method of caring for an elderly parent from a distance.

Caring for Aging Parents Using Family Conex

With our premium service, Family Conex, you will also have access to photos, video and audio information about your loved one, all in a safe secure web site that the whole family can access.

Caring for an Elderly Parent from a Distance

Having confidence in the senior care management solution your loved one is being provided is essential to your peace of mind. And that’s what our services are designed to provide.

We are so sure you will like the service that we will provide the first icare Report free of charge. You will then receive a new report about every 60 days. This keeps you in the loop about the senior health care services your loved one is receiving.

Senior Health Care Services

Regular communications will keep you informed and make you aware of any changes in your loved one’s care as well as changes in their health. You’ll know what senior care resources are being utilized and what medications are being administered. You’ll even get information about what the medications are for and any problems that may be associated with them.

Essential Senior Care Resources

Turning senior care management of your loved one over to people you don't know can be frightening. You stress and worry about their care and what is going on daily. Because our services keep you informed, they help you have control and peace of mind over the situation. You will come to rely on the reports as essential senior care resources.

Remember, your first icare report is absolutely free. Then about every other month you will receive a new report, and the cost is only $79 per report. This is affordable peace of mind!

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Icareinsite blogger, Marky Olson has co-authored a book with Dauna Easley, telling their stories and sharing tips about caring for elderly parents. Learn about the book and read their blog at www.caregivingelderlyparents.com